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Welcome to our website

RPS was born out of love for big bore airguns. At the moment we got infected by the airgun virus no good bullets where available. The only ones available where casted in hard lead or originated from the hunting corner. But for what we use them in the Netherlands and Belgium...they were totally unusable.

What are we, what do we do?

RPSolutions is a small operation service mainly shops and contest shooters. We will do everything for the smallest group.

Contest shooter will test their gear on hour own 100m Lane so we will tweak the slug to their wishes. And we will continue doing this in the future.

So, we are small we are be able to shift quickly to a demand. Cant find your slug off choice? Get in contact and we will look for a solution.

Soon at RPS

.510 for Texan and Hammer

Soon we will have 3 more slugs in the .50 Kal segment. Look @ hour inventory