RPSolutions Frequently Asked Questions

These bullets sure look the same as those that I use in my black powder rifle/pistol. Can I fire these RPS bullets out of them?

NO! We only use very soft lead. Muzzle engergy of BP is much to high. They are not usable because of their material properties.

Sure...but they really look the same. Can you use other lead?

NO! If we use hard lead we would be operating our business under article 9.1 of the Dutch WWM. In this way you would need a license.

What's the best bullet for my rifle?

That's very hard to say! We test a lof of rifles. But every rifle is different. We once tested serial number 001/002 next to each other. The results where totally different. 1 thousand of an inch in sizing can make a dramatic difference at 100m. We try to specify for each bullet for what they are meant. If you have any doubt, please send us an email!

The bullet I want is not in your inventory. Can you deliver it anyway?

Probably. We can buy almost any mold. We can also make a design of a bullet specimen and make a custom mold for this. Further information on this via email.

Can I come and collect my order?

Please do!

Are sending costs included in the prices your mention?

No. More information about this you can find on the order page. The weights mentioned on the product page only apply to the content and the box. Additional packing materials come on top of this.