RPSolutions Mission

Who we are

Welcome again.

RPSolutions is a project that started out as a hobby where we try to get the airgun shooting sport to the next level.

So now we work semi professional guided by the input of accuracy shooters and fabricators.

Match shooters come to me to get that needed extra point in a match. This is a win win situation for the sport.

Our Mission Deliver the best bullet for 100m airgun shooting

Because we don't own all bigbore airguns ourselves, we get help. Together with a group of airgun nuts we test our bullets in most possible guns. These shooters do this at their own club as well as at our own testing facility. Here we can deliver a consistent shooting result. We take the shooter out of the equasion!

Besides that we have a lot of different molds at our disposal. Most of these molds are based upon existing designs. Slight alterations can be of a huge difference on 100m. Offcourse only the best designs are sold to customers.

The casting of the bullets is done by hand in a self designed oven. A full auto is on the wishlist, but most of the current desigs have still to much limitations. We will have to reinvent stuff in this area also!

The end purpos is to provide the shooter with the most appropriate bullet. We always try to find a balance between a fair price for the shooter and making available the necessary funds to keep providing shooters with the best piece of lead!

So you want to score that extra point? For this we require your platform to be tested and that the shooter does his homework.

We search for the correct sizings, pressure and materials for your shooting combo and preferences. Do you want a pellet, a light solid or a heavier one? For each combo there's a different setting needed.

When we find this data, we use it to enhance our service. In this way the shootings sports wins in the end, because results get better for everyone.

Testing DAQ Outlaw